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Beautiful Water sells point-of-use sacred water vessels that produce water that is filtered, structured, balanced and blessed, and can be given away for free and thereby transcend the need for plastic water bottles.

Extremely Alive Wellness Tonics produces living probiotic kombucha vinegars imbued with organic medicinal leaves, roots, flowers, fruits and fantastic fungi.

Maruia Hot Springs is an award winning, off-the-grid, eco- wellness retreat in the heart of the Southern Alps in New Zealand.

Pronoia Press publishes consciousness-raisingillustrated books for children and adults. These books include: “The Beautiful Mare and the Boy Who Gave Thanks”, “Love & Everything” and “Bing and Bang Begin”.

The Extreme Wellness Institute conducts university-based research and provides consultancy services to industry on wellness products and services.

Bathe the World Foundation addresses the world’s water crisis and works for a world where bathing in clean flowing is a possible for all people.

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