Cowspiracy – True environmentalists don’t eat animals

Cowspiracy – An inconvenient truth

With Dr Marc

Cowspiracy reveals what many will consider an ‘inconvenient truth’ . . .”You cannot be an environmentalist and eat animal products”.
The realisation that the leading cause of global warming, water depletion, deforestation, species extinction, and ocean dead zones is the agricultural industry, has huge ramifications for how we evaluate our food choices. While The China Study showed a direct relationship between consumption of animal products and chronic disease, Cowspiracy, which has been released on Netflix by Executive Producer Leonardo DiCaprio, shows us that consumption of animal products is directly linked to the destruction of our environment.

Rearing animals for food has obviously created an enormous shift in the planet’s ecology and we are now entering the sixth mass extinction with life on earth suffering the most severe biodiversity crisis in 65 million years; since a meteorite devastated the dinosaurs and 76% of all living species.

We have now created a similarly devastating rise in the number of humans and the domesticated animals we raise for food. In 10,000 years we have gone from humans and their animals representing less than 0.1% of land animals, to occupying 97% today. Having 65% of the earth’s mammalian biomass as domesticated animals, 32% humans and only 3% wild animals, means that our food choices have totally transformed our environment and severely limited the planet’s biodiversity.

With one acre of rainforest being cut down per second to make way for animal agriculture, it is clear that “no other lifestyle choice has a further reaching and more profoundly positive impact on the planet and all life on earth than choosing to stop consuming animals”. Thus, the solutions to the earth’s problems are not just in the hands of governments and corporations, anyone can create a shift in their diet and in doing so take a revolutionary step that can have an immediate impact on all life on earth.