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Powerful Healing Effects of Heat Therapy

The Cold Water Hokey Pokey - How to make cold showers comfortable

Water Wellness and Wealth and the Inner Well of Being

Dr Marc – Global Wellness Summit 2017

Between Wellness and Illness is Stillness

Why Die Young – Dr Marc- 12th February 2018

From Illness to Wellness - International Yoga Day Talk

Dr Marc Cohen –International Yoga Day 3 2017

Walking into Wellness: CM's in Muscle, Bone & Joint Health.

Dr Marc Cohen – Koadlow Lecture 2016

Water - The Solution for Living Well in a Toxic World

Dr Marc Cohen –Lifestyle Medicine Conference 2017

Low THC Hemp Approved for Human Consumption

Dr Marc Cohen – ABC National News 2017

Taking Yoga off the Mat - Yoga is the Way of Life

Dr Marc – IDY Melbourne 21 June 2015

International Yoga Conference Presentation - Inner Balance

Dr Marc – 6th International Yoga Conference Melbourne 2013

The Human Experiment: Therese Kerr & Sean Penn team up

Dr Marc Cohen – Studio 10 – 2014

Wellness, Mindfulness and Sustainability

Dr Marc Cohen –Happiness and Its Causes – 2012

The Science of Happiness - Happy Means Healthy

Dr Marc – The SHTICK S32-11 Seg.1

The Science of Happiness - Happy Means Healthy

Dr Marc – The SHTICK S32-11 Seg.2

Wellness Culture & Low Entropy Living Presentation

Dr Marc – Woodford Folk Festival – 2010

International Yoga Conference Presentation - Yoga for Wellness

Dr Marc – 5th International Yoga Conference – 2012

How We Create a Better Planet - Uplift Festival Presentation

Dr Marc – UPLIFT Festival 2012

It's Our Lifestyle, it's Our Wellness - InspirEd

Dr Marc Cohen – Talks to Jane Hancke

Holistic Medicine: How It Works - True Wellness

Dr Marc – True Wellness TV – Organic India

Dimensions of Wellness - Weekly Presentation

Dr Marc – Health Promotion Live


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