Cohen, M. No Guesswork with this alternative: Desktop guide to complementary and Alternative Medicine: An evidence-based approach. Book Review Medical Journal of Australia, 176(4), p185, 2002



Ever wondered which complementary therapies could be recommended based on a rigorous assessment of available evidence? This is the book that can provide the answers! It is a practical and transparent approach to presenting evidence on a wide range of complementary therapies, written by heavyweights in the field of complementary medicine and evidence appraisal. The book consists of three main parts. The first provides a brief background of different therapies, including an account of the clinical evidence and a risk–benefit assessment. The second part deals with common conditions and summarises the evidence supporting the use of different therapies, along with overall recommendations. The third part of the book provides an account of the legal, ethical, economic, social and safety issues surrounding the use of complementary therapies, albeit from a Canadian, American, and European perspective.