The Beautiful Mare And The Boy Who Gave Thanks

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“The Beautiful Mare and The Boy Who Gave Thanks” is a stunningly illustrated children’s book with a profound message that has been a long time coming. Based on a classic 2500 year old parable, this book has taken more than a decade to write and more than 2 years to illustrate.

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Written by Marc Cohen. Illustrated by Kia Maddock

In the ever-changing world of a small village, the villagers see things as either good or bad, the wise man accepts things as they are, while the boy stays open to possibility and finds gratitude in all that comes to pass. Join his journey of discovery as his attention shifts from nature to friendship, power, learning and love.

“The Beautiful Mare and The Boy Who Gave Thanks” is a stunningly illustrated children’s book with a profound message that has been a long time coming. Based on a classic 2500 year old parable, this book has taken more than a decade to write and more than 2 years to illustrate.

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18 reviews for The Beautiful Mare And The Boy Who Gave Thanks

  1. Petrea King – CEO Quest for Life Foundation Author of ‘Your Life Matters’

    This ancient parable is beautifully illustrated and delightfully retold for a new generation of children. They will love its simple message of the power we have to choose our attitude to life. The Beautiful Mare will become a treasured favourite of every child.

  2. Dr Lydia Ievleva – Clinical Psychologist Author of ‘Imagine: Using Mental Imagery to Reach Your Full Potential’

    How exquisite!!! Gorgeous message and illustrations! A book that every child (and adult) should have, share and aspire to live by. What a gift!

  3. Dr Shirley Telles – Director Patanjali Research Foundation

    The story, depth, narration and illustrations … took my breath away … such a joy to read. A must-read for children and parents alike!

  4. Dr Tim Sharp aka Dr Happy Author of ‘100 Ways to Happy Children: a guide for busy parents’

    This ancient story proves that real wisdom never ages. This book will make story time both entertaining and educational for both parents and children

  5. Anna Bjurstam – Vice President of Spas and Wellness, Six Senses Hotels

    A beautiful tale, more important than ever at this time. I love it!

  6. Dr Elise Bialylew – Founder of Mindful in May Author of ‘The Happiness Plan’

    This is the children’s book I’ve been longing for. A meaningful story infused with deep wisdom and beautiful illustration, which teaches the power of gratitiude and the universal truth of impermanence. I’ll be recommending this book to every parent I know.

  7. Lou Harvey-Zahra – Rudolf Steiner teacher Author of ‘Happy Child, Happy Home’

    ‘The Beautiful Mare’ wonderfully illustrates the invaluable lesson of parents’ encouraging children’s individuality and passions, whilst they learn to embrace, love and trust the flow of life. I LOVE this book – may it touch the hearts of children and parents everywhere

  8. Therese Kerr – Wellness Ambassador

    Professor Marc Cohen, my dear friend, illustrates so beautifully the essence and power of being grateful and how perfectly aligned the universe is when we dare to dance in life’s moments and find gratitude and joy in doing so

  9. Dr Mira Shiva – Founder, People’s Health Moement

    A beautiful book with wonderful illustrations, which gives many insights and messages about life in a creative and heart- warming way.

  10. Mia Kyricos – Senior Vice President, Global Head of Wellbeing, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

    The Beautiful Mare is a beautifully written story with a moral that is timeless.

  11. Susie Ellis – Chairman and CEO Global Wellness Institute

    This beautiful and enchanting children’s book offers a simple yet powerful message that will resonate with all ages. Marc’s own life – pursuing academic excellence, experiencing adventure and keeping family close, has led him to create a wonderful gift to share with the world. This tribute to his vibrant mother would have made her especially proud.

  12. Lauren Tober – Founder, Capturing Gratitude

    ‘The Beautiful Mare’ is a delightful tale of gratitude, joy and equanimity for the young and young at heart. Dr Marc’s spin on this wise old tale is as captivating as Kia’s illustrations are beautiful. I highly recommend this book for all ages.

  13. Heather Kirn Lanier – Essayist and Poet

    Holy Mary! This book is amazing! I love it! I love it so much … It’s so so beautiful.

  14. Ingo Schweder – Founder of Horwath HTL Health & Wellness and GOCO Hospitality

    With this book and its fabulous artwork, we’ve been gifted an important parable on the vital importance of gratitude and how we can find joy in any situation.

  15. Liz Terry – CEO, Leisure Media

    How wonderful … Marc Cohen has created a beautiful work, inspired by his children, which adds a new richness to this ancient story and keeps the spirit of optimism alive for all who read it.

  16. Simon-Borg Olivier – Founder Yoga Synergy Author of ‘Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga’

    ‘The Beautiful Mare’ is simply beautiful. I had tears in my eyes as I read through its rich but simple text with its exquisite illustrations. I highly recommend this book to anyone, not just children, but anyone who has trouble realising, or simply needs reminding, in the most magical and intelligent way, how lucky we all are to be alive.

  17. Dr Nimrod Sheinman – Founder and Director Israel Center for Mindfulness in Education

    ‘The Beautiful Mare’ is a gorgeous book, weaving wisdom, joy, gratitude, equanimity, imagination and inspiration. It touches and teaches what every child (and adult) needs to learn: how to be grateful and how to respond wisely to whatever the river of life brings.

  18. Dr Kenneth R Pelletier Clinical Professor of Medicin UCSF Author of ‘Change Your Genes, Change Your Life’

    ‘The Beautiful Mare’ is as profound in its elegant message as in the beauty of its illustrations. This is a wondrous book for adults to read to their children and for themselves as well!

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