Health authorities around the world all agree on one thing. The best way to avoid or treat a viral infection is to be well. After more than 40 years studying medicine and research wellness, I have come to the conclusion that wellness is simple. Here’s a recipe:

The Recipe for Wellness

Bathe in beautiful water
Prepare delicious food
Make the most of every breath
Dance through every mood

Tend the soil beneath your feet
Feel sunshine from above
Share your gifts with all the world
Fill your life with love

Wellness is simple. Yet wellness can be difficult to achieve in the modern age when:

Our water commonly contains disinfectants and their toxic by-products, along with heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, fire retardants, endocrine disruptors and other emerging contaminants.
Our food is often high in sugar, salt and fat, nutrient depleted, and contaminated with pesticides and artificial additives.
Our air contains traffic-related air pollutants and range of toxic volatile compounds and can be further polluted by cigarette smoke.
We lead sedentary lives, experience life stress and sleep poorly
Our homes are often unhealthy and maybe affected by water damage and mould, excessive electromagnetic radiation, poor air quality and toxic building products and our personal relationships are impacted by stress and the demands of busy lives.
The current global emergency is forcing us all to go within and focus on what’s important. If we can all focus on wellness and follow the above recipe, then perhaps when we emerge we can work together and realise worldwide wellness.