Ever since I was in primary school in the early 1970s and read “The Limits to Growth” I’ve been anticipating a global collapse and believed that in my lifetime humanity would either destroy itself or break through to a new age of enlightenment. As I could not tell which outcome was more likely, I figured breakdown or breakthrough were equally possible and rather than be fearful and fight against the coming apocalypse, I’d fearlessly focus on creating a world of wellness. I then made a decision to devote my life to studying and researching health and wellness thinking this would lead to the most fun and fulfilling life and help me tip the scales when the apocalypse finally came.

More than forty years on, it seems the apocalypse is now upon us and there is a lot of fear going around as governments seem intent on keeping us sick, scared, jobless, helpless and hopeless. To counter this fear I have attempted to condense my 40 years of accumulated medical knowledge into bite size chunks and they seem to be coming out as poetry. This includes my Recipe for Wellness and the Whirl of Wellness, which lists 50 evidenced-based immune-boosting activities that can help you go from wired and tired to chilled and fulfilled. I also shared the 10 Hacks to Relax which serve as emotional first aid that allow you to relax on demand anytime you are scared anxious upset or in pain.

I have now come up with following Antidote to Fear:

Antidote to fear

Foster Love of Poetry
Express yourself through dance
Fill your life with fun and joy
Friendship and Romance

Focus on the world you want
Be the change you want to see
Spread goodwill to all you meet
Live fearless and free

Fear or love: good wolf or bad wolf: which one will you feed? Rather than give into fear or fighting what we don’t want, I believe it is more fruitful to focus on love and creating what we do want. I hope these poems help you focus on what is important. The are certainly helping me.