Negar Jamshidi

The Clinical Effects of Tulsi in Humans


Negar is registered dentist and a molecular biologist who is doing her PhD research into herbal teas, specifically Ocimum sanctum also known holy basil or Tulsi.

Negar has already completed a systematic review of the clinical effects of Tulsi that aimed to answer the question: What is already known about the clinical effects of tulsi in humans? This research found that Tulsi enhances concentration, without the stimulant effects of caffeine and improve metabolic function including carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

Negar is now working on further reviews of tulsi used in conjunction with other herbs that aims to answer What are the effects of tulsi when used in conjunction with other herbs? She will also review previous research the impact of plant based products on protein transcription.

In addition to reviewing past studies, Negar is conducting clinical research on the short-term cognitive, physiological and metabolic effects of Tulsi in healthy people.



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