Lauren Burns

Lifestyles of Elite Athletic Performers

Lauren Burns

Lauren is an Olympic gold medalist, motivator, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, cook and mum who is undertaking a PhD on performance enhancing lifestyles. Lauren was an organic vegetarian when she won the gold medal for taekwondo at the Sydney Olympics and she has gone on to become a sought after motivational speaker, naturopath and nutritionists and has authored her biography Fighting Spirit and cookbook Food from a Loving Home.

Lauren started off her research with a Masters project on the lifestyles of elite athletic performers. This work aimed to answer the question; What the lifestyle activities, attitudes and behaviours to which world champion’s attribute their success? This research involves interviewing serial world champions about their lifestyle practices, attitudes, behaviours, foods, therapies, relationships and other factors that contributed to their success and is currently being written up for publication in conjunction with Juanita Weissensteiner Head of Athlete Pathways and Development for the Australian Institute of Sport. The in depth interviews will be followed by an online, Lifestyle of Elite Athletic Performance Survey, that will compare the lifestyle practices of athletes across different sports and levels of excellence. It is hoped that this research will help to identify specific lifestyle practices that support elite performance so they can be included in athlete development programs.


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