Ask Dr Marc

Professor Marc Cohen has long been the go-to man for practical and applicable solutions to wellness queries in a complex modern world. Your Wellness Questions answered through a series of articles written for Prevention Magazine

Ask Dr Marc

Professor Marc Cohen has long been the go-to man for practical and applicable solutions to wellness queries in a complex modern world. Your Wellness Questions answered through a series of articles written for Prevention Magazine


As a registered medical practitioner with degrees in physiology and psychological medicine, as well as PhDs in Chinese medicine and biomedical engineering, he blends evidence-based medical science with holistic health approaches, creating accessible solutions for the wellness conscious community.

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I’m worried that I might not be getting enough vitamin D but should I stop using sunscreen or cut back?
Are there natural supplement that will help curb my afternoon sugar craving? I’ve heard chromium is an option?
I have a big trip coming up where I will be taking a long plane ride. How can I stay healthy and happy during the trip?
I’ve been diagnosed with having incontinence. Are there any natural remedies that might help ease my symptoms or any new approach to treating the condition?
I have heard that EDC such as BPA and phthalates may be dangerous and interrupt the endocrine system. What are they and how can I avoid them?
I know which creams to buy to keep my skin looking young & I try to eat well to boost my antioxidants. Are there any natural foods that have anti-ageing properties?


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So many of us are continually seeking greater wellness in our lives. We are striving to find more vibrance, more energy and more balance. With the combination of Dr Marc’s holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle, combined with his leading edge evidence-based research, he is the place to go for your wellness solutions.

Dr Marc’s wealth of Wellness information can help you change your life.

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Dr Marc has the answers for you.

Not only does Dr Marc bring his medical knowledge and cutting edge research to the table, he also holds a holistic balanced lifestyle approach, as he himself is balancing a busy and passionate working world with a dynamic and exciting life.

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  • I have heard about the benefits of meditation & am considering starting. What it the best technique?
  • Complementary and holistic medicine is a constantly growing and evolving field. Where do you see it heading in the future? Any key trends or directions?
  • I find tinned tuna makes for an easy lunch but should I be worried about the level of mercury?
  • I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. Are there any alternative treatments that can help?
  • Are there any natural remedies that can help me to soldier on at work with a cold or flu?
  • I want to include more superfoods in my diet. Which ones do you recommend?
  • Can massage be used as a treatment to immune conditions?
  • I have difficulty sleeping. My friends swear by yoga for relaxation. Is there any sense in trying yoga to help with my insomnia?
  • Are psyllium husks safe? How much can I safely take?
  • I’m very embarrassed about my bad breath. Are there any natural remedies I can try?
  • Is there any good evidence behind reflexology?
  • I feel quite healthy overall and eat a balanced diet, but often pick up bugs. Is there a way I can build up my immunity?
  • What is the best multivitamin to take?
  • I swim regularly but am concerned about my exposure to pool chemicals.
  • What are the dangers? Are there ANY alternatives?
  • My husband is considering viagra – are there any natural alternatives?
  • Is there any evidence for or against the use of black cohosh in treating menopause symptoms?
  • Pesticides, plastics, heavy metals: so many things these days seem to be bad for me. Is there a simple test to determine my toxic load?
  • Are some types of salt healthier than others? (i.e sea salt, iodised salt etc) Iridology aside, what can you tell about your health from your eyes?
  • How can I find a good practitioner with a holistic outlook?
  • I’ve developed a buzzing in my ears. Are they any holistic ways to stop tinnitus?
  • I suffer from psoriasis and would like to know if there are any natural remedies that can help?
  • Is there a simple test to determine my toxic load?
  • I bruise easily. Are there any supplements I can take to toughen up my skin?
  • What is the best water to drink? Should I buy a filter?
  • What are the health benefits of using a sauna?
  • What detox measures should I take and why?
  • You’re a fan of 5Rhythms dance. What do you enjoy about it?
  • Are there any complementary therapies to help ease muscle aches and pain?
  • What’s hot in the health food store right now? Anything new that’s sparking interest among experts?
  • I’m coping with breast cancer. Is there anything I can do to make me feel less tired?